About Akinator: Play & Download the Game for Free on PC

Ever wanted to play a testing game where a virtual genie answers your guesses? Well, now you can see in Akinator! The Akinator game was a famous flash game for browsers and has now become a standalone game. It’s a match that will test you and the genie to the maximum when it comes to guessing. If you thought the magic 8-ball is good at guessing choices, Akinator the Genie can predict your guesses precisely. Don’t believe us? Play the game yourself. Download Akinator full version for free on the PC. Just click on the “Play Now” button to get started.




Why Get the PC Version?

Well, as you notice this is not the official PC version. But, if you liked the handheld version and would like a ported edition on the PC, this is the best one you can get. Additionally, this is a standalone game; meaning you do not need to go to the browser to play the game. All you have to do is click the game on either the Games.lol launcher or via the desktop icon.

What to Know About Akinator

Akinator has been around for more than ten years, starting like a flash game for browsers. It was also highly advanced for its time. All thanks to its smart AI that happens to snoop around the internet for clues to make his answers more believable. On average, Akinator has a 90% chance of answering you correctly – even if you come up with very niche characters, objects or animals. Thanks to its popularity, the developers managed to turn Akinator into a free to play game on phones. Now, it has its app too for the PC.




From Fiction to Nonfiction, Common to Uncommon

The best part about Akinator is his intelligence. You may think of a very obscure item or person, and Akinator can solve it one way or another. The only way we can prove him right is if you play the game yourself.

Whether it’s a character from Fate Grand Order or your favourite childhood animal, never underestimate the power of Akinator. Even if he does make a wrong guess, your next one will surely be the right one.

Standalone vs Browser

So, which is more favourable? The original browser edition or the standalone game? Either way works because it shares only one technology to power up Akinator. It all boils down in a matter of preference. If you don’t mind opening up Chrome, Firefox, Safari or any other browser to go to Akinator’s website, you are free to do so. But, if you like to cut time and play more conveniently, you should opt for the standalone edition.

However, if you do want a refreshing take on the game, you might want to try it out with the Games.lol launcher. If you are ready to get your answers guessed by a virtual genie, now is a good time. Click on the “Play Now” button to get started.