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Akinator For PC: Can Aki Actually Hear You?

A lot of people have been making conclusive statements about Akinator on forums, social media, and other community-sharing platforms. Most of them are saying that the web genie is a psychic, that the game is witchcraft, or some magical stuff is going on.

Some even concluded that the web genie can hear you. Netizens even created a CreepyPasta Wiki about it. Shocking! With the many conclusions that people came up about Aki, let’s debunk one popular conclusion – the belief that the Akinator can hear you. The short answer is NO. Of course, not!

Why The Akinator Cannot Hear You

If you are clueless about how the web genie can read your mind, you’ll probably believe what people are saying. But the reality is, the game is not integrated with any spying or hacking device. It obviously isn’t magic or witchcraft. It’s simply about machine learning.



Well, it’s not really simple, but it surely is not magic either. Machine learning is what most Artificial Intelligence applications or programs use. It uses an algorithm that searches and analyzes a large database. Given the fact that this genie can only predict what characters or personalities you have in mind, it’s clear that the program has a large database for it. And with the questions being asked, they can possibly deduct the certain character that you are currently thinking of.

So that leaves us to conclude that Akinator PC is simply an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program. Think of Alexa or Siri for that matter. These virtual assistants actually learn more about their owner’s preferences and routines over time. That’s because it is programmed to deduce behavior from data and past behaviors to predict preferences.

The Game Needs No Magic or Witchcraft – It’s All Science!

Now that we’ve debunked the myth of the web genie’s ability, there’s no need to be weirded out when you play this casual game. Just have fun playing Akinator PC, and challenge yourself to think of a person who Aki will never guess right! Yes, this web genie can commit errors, you just have to think really hard.