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Akinator Free-to-Play Game – How It Works?

Back in 2013, a game went viral on Facebook and Twitter. This game is now known as Akinator. It is a fun entertainment casual game that aims to read people’s minds. Specifically, the genie tries to guess who is in the player’s mind.

Akinator is a game that can guess which character or personality you are currently thinking of. Developed by Elokence, it’s European version was first released on the web in 2007. Then after a few years, it spread across the US market. The game only got a huge following after it trended on popular social media sites in 2013.

What’s crazy about this game is that this genie can often guess correctly who you had in mind. That includes fictional or non-fictional characters. From less-known Biblical characters like Jael to popular actors like Mel Gibson, he knows who you’re thinking.

Aki will only ask you 20 questions or less, and he’ll be able to provide the right character/personality. It’s totally mind-blowing, and this is the reason why a lot of people got hooked into the game. Now the million-dollar question is, how does Akinator PC work? Let’s gather the facts about this insanely superb game.



Akinator Runs on Algorithm & Database

The advancement of technology has opened new possibilities for everyone, and that includes the making of Akinator online. According to the developer, Elokence, this game is possible because of two elements. First is an algorithm that manages the questions that the genie asks. The second element is a rich database of 100,000 characters, which is constantly updated over time. These two elements made it possible for the genie to guess the personalities you have in mind correctly.

In addition, the FAQ page of the Akinator game mentioned that it also uses a program called Limule, which is published by Elokence. However, the developers did not elaborate much about this platform or program.

It’s AI, Not Magic!

Understanding how this PC game works can be too technical since it already deals with algorithms and databases. But one thing is for sure, this game is just based on Science and AI – not on magic and witchcraft (which some people actually believe in).

If you are not convinced, you are free to download Akinator online and try the game yourself! Yes, try it and see for yourself. We are warning you, the fun could be very addicting. But hey, we won’t blame you. So get a free Akinator unblocked download now!