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Akinator Online: Does The Game Use Machine Learning?

Ever since Akinator PC was trending on Facebook and Twitter last 2013, the game has quite grown popular in the following years. It’s even becoming more popular when the game was released as an app in 2016. And that’s pretty normal, especially for a unique puzzle game like this one. Now, let’s jump right in to answer the question that most users are curious about – does Akinator use machine learning? Clearly, the answer is YES. And here’s why.

What is Machine Learning?

Before we get to explain how machine learning works in Akinator, let’s define what machine learning is first. According to the MIT Technology Review, machine-learning algorithms use statistics to find patterns in massive amounts of data. This data covers a wide variety of aspects like words, images, numbers, etc. In addition, these algorithms power almost all artificial intelligence (AI) advancements and applications.

Machine Learning on Akinator

Now that you know what machine learning is about, let’s discuss some points about the application of machine learning in the game. We’ve already known that Akinator uses two elements in the game: algorithms and a rich database.



These two elements correlate to what machine learning is. It uses statistics to find patterns in a massive amount of data. In other words, it analyzes a huge database of information to arrive at an educated guess. With that said, there’s no doubt that Akinator PC uses machine learning.

It’s Not Magic, Just AI!

The fact that this fun PC game uses machine learning tells us one thing–Akinator is simply an artificial intelligence program! If you want to beat Aki badly, you must think of a very obscure person that not a lot of people would even think of. This will be hard, especially because there are millions of players who played Akinator already. Hence, you will be going against a vast amount of information and AI data. Enjoy Akinator PC today and explore the wonders of this AI-powered game.